Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Welcome Miles Jesse Barton

Miles was born on 04-04-11, one week overdue, and weighed 9 lbs exactly. We checked into the hospital around 7:00 PM and he came at 9:32 PM. I know, fast baby!

Mom feeling so happy not to be pregnant anymore and happy to finally meet her new little son!

Miles has tons of blondish-brown hair, very unlike our other kids, who were near bald at birth. Who knew I'd get three boys with all different colors of hair? No redheads yet, but I love my variety of boys and wouldn't change a thing!

Here's a shot of him at home, about two weeks old. He's a very sweet baby.

I have a thing for newborn feet! I love their tiny toes! I love to kiss them!

Welcome to the world little one!

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Julie said...

He is SO handsome, what a little cutie! And how do you look so good after just barely having a baby! You look great! Can't wait to meet him in person!